Thursday, August 20, 2009

18+ weeks pregnant.....

Had my 18-20 weeks anatomy u/s today. Hopefully, I can get results from the radiologist by tomorrow. To my (untrained) eyes, things looked great. Admittedly, the last pic (4D) is more than a bit alien looking. Tech said they come out much better after 30 weeks, and I can come back then and they'll do a few for me no charge.

I've gained about 8lbs or so (baby weighs a whopping 9 oz, so where's the rest of the 7.5 lbs??)

I've started pulling the babies room together. G&A, although they technically have separate rooms now, only sleep in the same room. So I'm taking over A's room for the baby. We're doing a Dr. Seuss theme (works for boy or girl),with Horton as the main theme "A person's a person, no matter how small".

G&A were in a mall fashion show last night representing my workplace. They had fun and looked oh so cute!


Leslie said...

I'm very late with this, but congratulations on your pregnancy, Edie! Wonderful. I hope you are feeling well. The sonograms are very cool -- and so much better than the ones I had done of my son 10 years ago.
- Leslie

Dani said...

Glad things are going well! Any word on if the placenta has moved?

Sarah :) said...

Hi, Edie! I was thinking about you and thought I'd come check and see how you are. Your baby is beautiful!!! :) Drop a line or visit my blog sometime and let me know how you're doing, ok? Miss talking to you!