Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A was so cute - really trying hard to follow along!

Ethiopian Dance Lessons

EKC Picnic

We're back from the Ethiopian Kids Community's Annual picnic in Minneapolis. There were over 600 attendees from 19 states this year! What a fantastic turnout! It was great to see families who I've met previously, and meet new ones that I've only "talked" to on the forum. Here's some photos from our trip:

How many hours it is to Minneapolis?????

At the zoo with our friends

Wasn't this a dish I had in Ethiopia??

G visits the Chicken coop at the Minnesota zoo

Not to let her sister outdo her.....

Swimming in the hotel pool (3 times per day!)

G chats with new friends

Girls warm up for the Ethiopian Reads Fun Run

A getting ready for the 2-4 year old fun run

The competition is fierce.....

G discusses strategy with the 5-8 year old group!

Celebrating with dad after the race!

Ethiopian Dance lessons

The awesome dance instructors

Practicing our moves up on stage

Somehow, we ended up "in charge" of a bubble table for quite some time....

Hocky anyone??

It's fun to sit back and relax!!