Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update on dad

The assisted living facility has refused to take Dad based on his behavioral problems. They feel like he could be a danger to their other residents. The nursing homes that our case manager faxed info to yesterday would be very expensive since he doesn't have Medicare and apparently has no long-term care coverage under his BCBS policy. She is working with the social worker we met with, to look at adult foster care or a group home. The doctors are continuing to write orders for his discharge, but we are being told not to worry about that because he will not leave until they have a place for him. We are hoping that the paperwork we currently have is enough to keep him in the facility until the court hearing.

I also spoke with the Guardian ad Liteum that was appointed. His He will be visiting Dad either tomorrow or the next day (he has to wait on receiving the paperwork). Apparently, the hospital contacting him. They want to move the hearing date up, but he feels that given the distance the family is apart and everyone's jobs that the original hearing date would be best for us.