Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Charlotte

Is still in the NICU. Today is day 11. She is now off all breathing assistance, which is fantastic! However, she still has high bilirubin levels that have not budged for the past 6 days. Some initial issues with her digesting her food also set her back. Although resolved, she is still getting the majority of her food via NG tube (tube that runs from her nose to her belly), although she is starting to nurse a little, and take about 1 feeding per day via the haberman feeder (similar to a bottle). Her feedings are being increased every day, as she is still loosing weight. Mom is pumping for her, but is only providing about 1/2 of the breastmilk that she needs per day, unfortunately. It's very hard to bring in a full supply of milk via pump only.

Praying each day that she will be home soon.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New baby sister...

Charlotte Jean was born via emergency c-section on December 17th at 5:08pm, 5 weeks early due to a placental abruption. Charlotte is in NICU, but is off the ventilator and on CPAP for breathing assistance. Momma required multiple blood transfusions but is now feeling much better, although hemoglobin is still quite low.

I had had a bad fall during a snowstorm onto my belly the week prior. They admitted me to labor and delivery for 24 hrs and monitored me - all looked well. Had increasing pain and small amount of spotting on an off for the next week. Dr's office sent me back to L&D to be monitored again. 24 hrs of monitoring looked great, but pain still present. Dr's decided to do an u/s, although placental abruptions are "rarely" picked up in an u/s. By the time they wheeled me back from u/s to my room, there were two nurses waiting to prep me for an emergency c-section. Radiologist had already phoned and talked to my ob about what they had seen. I barely had a minute to get a call off to Wood to tell him to get to the hospital pronto - with or without him, they were going to deliver the baby. Dr told me I could have an epidural, but Anethesiologist said no way, too risky with the placenta abrupting, and I'd have to have a general. There were 4 people in my room, all simultaneously prepping me for surgery. Wood showed up at the last minute, and prayed with me. Within 15 minutes, I was in the OR, was put under. Woke up in recovery, baby had went straight to NICU.

I had lost a lot of blood, and my hemoglobin and platelets had fallen in the week since the fall anyways. Blood was drawn and it was decided that I needed multiple blood transfusions the next day. Until I got them, I could barely sit up!

Charlotte was immediately given respiratory assistance and put on a CPAP. That ceased to be enough, and she was put on a ventilator. She inhaled bloody fluid from the abruption and has pneumonia. Today, she was put back onto the CPAP, and is being treated for the pneumonia.

By the grace of God, all are doing well. Will post more and pics soon.