Monday, August 13, 2007

County Fair

We love to go to the County Fair!

Feeding the Alpacas

Grace has been riding Patsey since she was only 2 years old!

Grace was MORE than a little enthusiastic on the motorcycles!

Fearless Grace rides the dragon coaster solo!

Grace calls these "flying porches"!!

Grace convinces Asrat to ride the dragon coaster with her.

Milwaukee pics

Here's some pics from our recent trip to Milwaukee.

No trip to Wisconsin is complete without the trip to the dairy farm at the zoo!

Big sister Maria would be so proud!

At the botanical gardens with Dad

Learning about butterflies

Hanging out at Uncle John's and Aunt Sue's house

With cousin Claire

G & A

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

To Milwaukee and Back again....

We're home from our clinic visits at Children's Hospital with G. We have more meds and more medical paraphanalia whose purpose is to keep G breathing easily and able to participate in everyday activities like her peers. Each new device, every new medication just drives fear into my heart about "what if". Wood says not to borrow trouble from tomorrow, just worry about today. Easier said than done.

The thought of G going to school in the fall isn't comforting to me. If her medical routine is difficult on me to always feel like I'm correctly assessing her lung function and need for additional medications, how on earth is the school secretary, who acts as the school nurse going to do it? There just isn't much room for error when you are talking about the ability to breathe.

G has been doing great for the past 6 weeks. No coughing and feeling pretty good. The best she has been in the past 6 months. It has been blissful. On her birthday in mid june, she couldn't even blow the toy whistles in the goody bags at her party. It was scary. But, of course, docs in Milwaukee want to see her when she is actively coughing, so during G's next episode, we'll have to pack up and go to Milwaukee.

They also want us to get her involved in swimming - so I'm off to investigate swim activities at the YMCA.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.