Monday, September 14, 2009

Pic of the dynamic duo.....

Having posted pics in a long while of the dynamic duo. Miss A said this past weekend that she hopes the new baby will be chocolate, like her.

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Maria7 said...

Hi Edie!
It's Maria. Remember me? :) My husband Jon and I were in Ethiopia with you and Asrat. We were bringing home the twins...Peter Endashaw and Mari Bilito. We have the 4 big kids from Ethiopia too. I was so excited to read that you are expecting! Congratulations!! I am pregnant too, and I think we are due at the same time. :) I'm due in January and 22 weeks along. Anyway, I just HAD to respond when I read Asrat's put a BIG smile on my face. As you know, all of our children are from Ethiopia, and when we told our kids we were going to have a baby- Yonas (age 9) asked if the baby would be brown like him. :) I thought that was the cutest thing! I hope you are doing well. I'll keep you in my prayers. ~Maria