Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sick again

G is coughing again. Our respite this time was way too short. I'm angry, frustrated, and completely overwhelmed.

Last night, G was overtired from lack of sleep the night before and feeling irritable from her medication regimen we use when she starts coughing. She had a complete meltdown (very unusual for her) and was hysterical over a minor issue involving additional bedtime stories. I held my ground, because I had already told her no. Wood got irritated with me because she was sobbing and that triggered her coughing. I think he wanted me to reverse my decision to stop her crying. I said that it was ok to let her cry. He responded that it WASN'T ok, she could start struggling to breathe.

So everybody went to bed unhappy - G because she didn't get to stay up unreasonably late, A was miserable because I was spending time with G and triggering all of A's fears of rejection and insecurities, causing a huge meltdown of her own, Wood because he felt I should have done anything to stop the crying, and me because G's illness just terrifies me and makes me feel helpless with a good side of guilt for not having quite figured out how to best deal with A's insecurities and fears.